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Context matters – explained with cookies

Often, I observed discussions or disputes where I found that everybody was right – from their own perspective. But in the end, they didn’t found a solution. What a pity.
One day, in a workshop, where we had some different types of cookies, I was faced with a similar situation. With the cookies at hand, I started to explain…

So, I took a shortbread type of cookie and took over the role of one of the disputants. I explained my flat-earth cookie, implicitly assuming that the other ones also live on my type of cookie. Then I changed my cookie – perspective to the lady on the cream-filled double layer cookie. While listening to the flat-earther, she asked: How about the filling?
And the guy living on the wafer only shrugged shoulders…

Maybe this is another interpretation of Norman Kerth’s Prime Directive which I frequently use in beginning a retrospective:

Explaining with my cookie-style way, that having different perspectives is not only welcomed but necessary to be successful, is more visual then Norman Kerth’s brilliant text.

Feel free to use my cookie analogy and my picture. And please let me know about your experiences.